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Tennis Ball Cricket is a game known as Injury free game of the world. Its existence is widespread because of its low cost and is played by majority of people in the world. In India Tennis Ball Cricket is played under the banner of TENNIS BALL CRICKET FEDERATION OF INDIA which is the only registered body envisaged by Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports , Govt of India .

Tennis Ball Cricket is played all over India through the affiliated States/ Units by conducting National Championships in various age groups ( Sub-Junior, Junior & Senior) and All India and Zonal for Senior teams which are recognize by Govt. of India and by various State Governments which has resulted with National participation benefits such as Govt . Jobs, Educational Excellence, etc.

Tennis Ball Cricket was originally started way back in 1982. The first Tennis Ball Cricket body was framed in 1982 by Late N.U.Siddiqui, called and known as Tennis Ball Cricket Federation of India or (TBCFI) and slowly and steadily Nationals and Federation cup Championships were conducted all over India for the developments and Promotion of the game. The game was so popular among Indians that Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Govt of India gave recognition on 23rd April 1999 under the dynamic leadership of Shri. B.K. Sinha (IPS), Shri.A.A. Lari, Shri.N.U.Siddiqui. This was the turning point of the game since the teams were given railway concessions and that benefitted the state/ units to send the teams for nationals with less cost on travelling, More and more state /units became active so as the players and there were more than 28 to 30 state unit teams of boys and girls teams started playing in the national championships.

The sudden developments and recognition pave a away for the state Govts to recognize the game at the State and Union Territory level and benefit was envisaged on more players playing in Taluka, District, State Championships. The School Games Federation of India by looking at the popularity of the game , Introduce Tennis Ball Cricket game in their annual calendar in the year 2010 and this helped the game to develop at schools levels and now Tennis Ball Cricket in their plans will surely will be part of University and Olympic as whole. Tennis Ball Cricket is played in countries such as Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bhutan, Thailand, Middle East Counties and North America on large scale and time is peaking soon where Tennis Ball Cricket will rule the Fraternity of this world.

Tennis Ball Cricket game is being played with 9 players on the field and 5 as substitute (12 + 2) with 85 to 90 grams in weight of Tennis Ball and light weighted Tennis Bat on a flat grassy ground of 25 to 30 meters radius from the centre of the ground and playing pitch of 18 meters from both points of stumps. The Minimum over's shall be 6 over's and maximum 12 over's for the game. The rules-out is the most important rule of the game because if a batsman hits the ball over and above the boundary line is declared out on a legal delivery. Two Umpires and One scorer will be part of the supervising officials of the match. More details of rules are on the website. Tennis Ball Cricket Game is surely the wonder of the all the games played in world and will surely impressed upon Asian and world sports in time to come.